Girls track sets season goals

By Brennan Tomer

The Mattoon High School girls track team is beginning to train for the challenges their preseason will bring.

“[A difficult aspect of track is] the mental part. Your body wants to stop, but your mind wants to keep going,” MHS senior Rachel Ervin said.

Despite these differences, they will not stop Ervin from making personal goals.

“I want my times to improve, and I want to help and support my teammates this year because they are younger and new,” Ervin said.
“Track is as much a team sport as an individual sport. We have a lot of girls that contribute individually and on relay teams,” girls track Head Coach, Troy Haacke said.

Girls track Assistant Coach Elizabeth Schumacher expresses the differences between traditional sports and track, saying that it is unlike most team sports.

“Track and field is without a doubt a different sport than most others. There are numerous events that make up a track and field team that all require practice and training,” Schumacher said.

Not only do the girls make personal goals, but Haacke’s goals for the team this season are plentiful, and the girls have their work cut out for them.

“We have several goals. We would like to compete for the Apollo Conference title; also we want to send as many girls to State as possible. The nice thing about track is that the girls are always working to improve on their time or jump or throw, and as long as they’re improving, we are doing some good things,” Haacke said.

Schumacher shows her enthusiasm for the new players that have joined the team, as well as the old players who remained from last year.

“I believe that each girl that we have out for track will be an asset to the team in many different ways. While we have several girls that stick out athletically, there are also girls that stick out for the leadership ability, work ethic and winning spirit,” Schumacher said.

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